About me


I ran my first marathon in 2012, six months earlier than planned as the one in my home town of Liverpool popped up and I couldn’t say no. Completed it in 3.58, not bad for a first timer but I will get faster when I do my next one. That’s me with my husband who motivates me when it’s cold outside.

I’ve always ran and back in 2007 trained for the Silverstone half with the aim to run the London marathon. But I did my knee in and for five years I had every type of treatment but the injury kept coming back. Found out in 2011 it was all due to my left foot not loading properly – as simple as that! So I went from only being able to run 8 miles before getting serious ITB pain to running the Leeds and Sheffield 10k in 2011, the Leeds and Sheffield half in May 2012, Warrington half in September 2012 (1.50.29), Liverpool marathon in October 2012 (PB 3.58.35) , Abbey dash 10k in November 2012 (PB 48.51).

My latest PBs are 5k 24.20 (2015), half marathon 1.49.10 (2016)

Obviously after two half’s in May 2012 I  thought, I know I’ll do a marathon…piece of piss that. How wrong. It was hard, hard work  and I got a little bit obsessed with nutrition and form.

So I’ve learned a lot about  injuries, form, nutrition and speed and I want to share everything  I know in this blog. I have a rubbish memory so this will also make sure I don’t forget when I pick up the training for the next challenge.

2013 was a monumental year with the arrival of our daughter so I had eased off the running. My husband on the other hand ran for both of us – smashed all his PBs and completed the Bullock Smithy in the peak district (56 miles).

2014 is the year I got back into running. It was tough but I got there slowly. I was then plagued by tonsillitis for the whole of 2015 either before or after every race. It was a dreadful year for running so I got them whipped out in the November. It was a slow start to 2016 as I tried to push too hard and got injured a lot. So I got sensible and the running got better. Now I’m set on pushing myself further than a marathon…


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