So 2016 is nearly over…

As I sit here literally dying (but still typing),  full of some nasty bug wondering whether it’s from the manchego cheese I had when I threw caution to the wind on my birthday and ate a sample in M&S deli cos I thought why the hell not. Or the after effects of the most intense Thai massage I’ve ever had and what I’m feeling is all the badness that was wrapped up in my muscles from a year of pushing further than I should. The lady didn’t speak much English but randomly focused on my left ankle big time and my back / hips – I can barely touch there now it’s so tender. When I said it hurt she just said yes. In fact she sneezed in my face at one point so maybe I got it from her?  I’m going for the consumption of someone’s sneeze on the cheese in M&S.

Either way I feel broken. 2016 was a year of personal triumphs and unbelievable lows. I couldn’t wait to see the back of 2015 as it was truly an awful year from start to finish but 2016 wasn’t as great as I hoped.

The highlight was running the Warrington half with Si and both getting a PB. If you don’t run, you won’t get this but running a race and enjoying every step, with your partner and both getting a PB is rare and special. I’d struggled all year with my running but it all came together that day. Not least because of the support of my fab husband. After that race I felt I was back to the runner I was before I had a baby, in fact better and stronger.

Now the marathon didn’t be go as planned but I did what I set out to do and really should never had run it. So I’m not surprised I feel broken today. My 38 (just) year old body isn’t getting any younger. It’s because of today I’m thinking, shock horror, I’m going to give the intense running schedule a rest next year. The thought of starting to train for a marathon next month scares me whereas I used to look forward to it. I genuinely worry I’ll lose a hip or something if I get going again. So I’m going to focus on the 5 and 10ks in 2017, then I’ll do the Edinburgh marathon in 2018 – the last year of my 30s and I’ll bloody smash it!

I’m going to swim more (with my new mirrored, anti fog goggles) and I’ll focus on my core. So 2017 will be the year I prep for the big one in 2018, which just might include the Leeds to Liverpool ulta.

Here’s to a fun filled year of running and absolutely no injuries!


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