I’m loving this new FIRST training programme. It’s a revelation running three tough runs a week with two cross training days. Got to admit I sometimes drop one cross training day but my god it’s working.

The three runs are speed, tempo, long run and you never run on consecutive days – there’s a big emphasis on rest and recovery!

The three runs are hard, bit sick inducing sometimes. They’re all based on pace, so you look up the speed you should be running for the distance based on your latest race time. I’m doing my cross training of spin, cycling or rowing plus a strength session every week. There are detailed descriptions for the cross training efforts so you know you’re doing the right thing.


My aim is to run the Chester marathon faster so it’s heartening to see each week when I’m doing my long run, that my mile pace is faster without me even thinking about it. I’ll run a 8.30 minute mile no bother now. Just like the old days.

Because it’s only three runs a week, it’s easy to fit into a busy life of full time work and being a parent. I do the cross training before work so I’m at the gym at 6/6.30am and I’ve totally got used it. I feel guilty on the days I don’t see my daughter for breakfast but I make up for it in the evening.

Now as with all my training, I’ve hit a bad patch. I bust my foot this week, went over on it as a big weight of a seesaw and tyre went into it. I heard a big crunch when it happened. Got put on crutches and told I’d torn my ligaments. That was Wednesday. This is my foot now. Bruised both sides.

The swelling has gone right down since my gym session earlier. I went on the power plate to do some squats and put the sore foot through a range of motions. It was boss! I’ve also started on protein shakes to try and boost the healing but I read the one I’ve just bought has beef in it?! I can’t see the V sign but I can’t hear a moo either so I’m sticking with it.

I’m going to cross train at least four times a week while I can’t run. I did 40 minutes on the bike today with 8 minute hard tempos and it was ok. So I’m not giving up on the York 10k (7 August) just yet – we’ll see what the hospital say on Wednesday.  I’ll also defo be running the Chester marathon in October, can’t wuss out because of a little sore foot now can I?


One response to “FIRST 3PLUS2

  1. Loving your blog Jo. Bad patches come and go but your training just seems to get better! Well done. I always find it tough to fit everything in but think that maybe this might help! We live in hope!

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