High five to running clubs

I know I’ve written about my local running club, the Pudsey Pacers before, but I had to write this tonight.

I’ve just had one of the best training sessions. And do you know what made it so special? I really didn’t want to go. I mean like really didn’t want to. My head is so full and crazy at the moment I just wanted to sit and be alone, probably in a darkened room. It’s fair to say I felt pretty miserable. But my ever supporting husband told me to get out to Running Club, enjoy running with people and just think about running. Nothing else. I’ve come home buzzing. A different person to the one that left the house at 6.55

The Pudsey Pacers have been going for 25 years this year. That’s a phenomenal amount of time and I’m not being cheesy here but imagine the amount of lives they’ve changed over that time? I mean mine, on just a random Tuesday in February has flipped from being pretty pants to pretty amazing. I feel top of the world. That’s got to be great for the people around me now and tomorrow! Thanks to everyone there – particularly the coaches.

I haven’t been the running club  since early November so I was a bit nervous as I’m only up to 5 miles. But as always it was a boss crowd, just 6 of us and the coach doing some drills and hill training. One of the runners was a fell runner I think so he had perfected running up hills and talked us through the Pose Method. He learned the technique after being injured a lot and having a knee operation. He used YouTube and recommended Dr Romanov. Here’s a video here.

The other bits we learned were about holding your head high, like someone is pulling a string through the top of your head. This keeps the air flowing efficiently and is quite hard when you get tired as all you want to do is drop your head and dig deep. The other was using your arms and keeping your hands in a relaxed ‘thumbs up’ position but without actually sticking your thumbs up or you look like a tool. The third one was cadence, keeping the stride short and quick. Then that’s when we went into the Pose Method.

It’s all a lot to think about in one go so the coach’s advice was to just focus on one thing on each hill rep. It worked a treat. For those who know Pudsey the session ended with a climb up Lumby Lane. I focused on the Pose Method but by the time I got to the top I was posing like a sack of spuds rather than a long distance runner!

So the biggest lesson I got from tonight was no matter how bad you feel, getting out and doing what you love, with people that love it too, really is the best medicine. Beats chocolate, alcohol and a big slab of stilton any day!


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