Running every day is mental!

So I set myself the challenge of running every day once 2016 arrived until the end of January. I kept it up for pitiful 8 days then work and life got in the way. I still haven’t managed to get out of bed at 5.30am to do one before work but I will (when it’s less cold and windy)!

I also found that after 8 days I just felt shattered. How do people run for days on end?! Much respect. So I questioned why I was doing it and it was mainly because I’d publicly said I would, but also to get back in the habit of running. It certainly gave me the bug back.

A friend had some good advice too, he was doing a day of strength training each week and counting that as an exercise day. So I threw that in – these ones mainly from November’s Runner’s World.



So after those 8 days of running, then doing it 3/4/5 times a week, I did get back into the habit of running again. I now feel sluggish and irritable if I don’t run for a couple of days. One Friday I’d been over to Cheshire and got back about 10pm. I went straight out for a quick 3 miler, it felt ace but then I couldn’t get to sleep till about midnight as I was so hyper!  Lesson learned.

I’ve also decided that the Edinburgh marathon will be too soon this year, I’ve got too much going on. So it looks like it’ll be the Keswick Mountain Festival instead. 25k seems a lot more achievable than 26 miles by May. Although the height you have to climb is absurd. It’ll be fun though, I’m mega excited.


As the miles gradually increase, I’m getting stronger and more into running for fun. I got the Garmin forerunner 225 last week so I’m starting to use tech again and it was good to see on the flat I was doing an 8.13 mile pace. Hills were another matter – the heart rate monitor was off the scale!
I’ve also just bought Scott Jurek’s book Eat and Run to get some nutritional information as I read he turned vegan whilst training for ultras. I’m well interested in nutrition and running so my next blog will be sharing info on that.

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