Happy 2016

Happy 2016! I’ve started the running year as I mean to go on with a boss off road run through our local forest this morning.

It was 3 degrees up here and muddy as hell. I couldn’t be bothered going out but my husband pointed out it was such a lovely day to run and to get out there and try a scenic route.

I came back freezing, covered in mud and completely exhilarated. My god I had fun slipping in the mud, splashing in puddles and sliding down the cobble hills. I used to run a lot off road in London but I’ve always been too scared up here as the forest and valley is so remote. I’m doing it more often now though. Check out the state of my trainers…..


My garmin broke last week so I have no tech, I’m running not tracking. Quite strange but it’s quite liberating. I wasn’t going fast, I know that, but I was smiling. Something I haven’t done for ages when running.

So it’s about a month since I had my tonsils out and I’ve never felt better. Those buggers were definitely dragging me down and messed up my immune system for the whole of last year. I’ve ran every other day since I’ve recovered (about a week now) and I’ve challenged myself a run a day for the whole of Jan!! Thing is I’m going to have to sneak them in before 6am on some days as my husband is training so needs to run most nights. Eek!

It’s going to be tough but once I’ve done that I’ll be well in the habit of running and can start my marathon training early Feb. I’ve got my sights set on Edinburgh in May but going to test out Jan first before booking. A friend suggested the Keswick mountain festival before, it’s in May so going to check that out for an interesting challenge.

Here’s to 2016 and many happy days of running!


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