The curse of the 10k

It’s the Abbey Dash in 11 days and it’s fair to say I’m not feeling up to it. It’s been a poor summer of running for various reasons – mainly life getting in the way. Boo boo.

Anyway I did get back into running at the start of October on Holiday in Malaysia and Bali (#namedrop). It’s proper hard doing hill sessions in a humid 34oC at night. But running next to the jungle with all the animal noises certainly made me run a bit harder.

When I got back home I got the running bug but still couldn’t push myself like the old days. Mentally I can but I’m weak somewhere inside. So I’ve been having weekly core running strength sessions with the genius that is Daniel Wheelwright. It’s working. I’ve also been reading (this article from Jo Pavey is class) and doing these exercises regularly from Runner’s World.


While I’ve not been able to get to the Tuesday Pudsey Pacers sessions, I’ve replicated what they’ve done in my own time. I’ve also been going on the track every Wednesday so I’ve really focusing on speed.

I’ve found it so different training for a quick 10k compared to long distance. It’s tough. I think I prefer the longer plodding distance runs as you can have a bad couple of miles and rectify it later. You don’t have that luxury with a 10k. Unfortunately for me I’m having some bad miles.

I gave myself a good talking to on Sunday, where’s the ‘White family’ spirit to try your best no matter what and keep going. I also listened to Not Giving In by Rudimental on repeat to get me in the zone.

So I went to the Leeds canal for an out and back 10k on Sunday afternoon and started off well with a 7:55 mile, then 8:10, then it all went to pot. During the third mile (8:33) my ITB was hurting then my knee just sized up. So it was stop start all the way back. Gutted. I spent 38 minutes precisely on the foam roller to sort it out (I was watching a film so could see the clock). Yesterday my core training session focused on the glutes to get them fired up to help ease off the ITB.

I felt positive and rushed home last night to the Pudsey Pacers as it was the 31/29 session – fab split negative training. Basically you run out in 31 minutes and you have to get back in 29 minutes. The best bit about last night was the training coach from my group was running at 48min 10k pace on the run back so I was well excited about joining him. Then at 2.23 miles my bloody knee went again and I had to walk home. Ironically it went right near home but I had to hobble to the sports centre to get my car! There’s a lesson there. Sometimes I think the cosmos is trying to tell me something.

Will I do a PB at the Abbey Dash, will I even complete it? I bloody hope so but who knows. If anyone has advice on how to sort this ITB quick and stop having an injury prone running year I’d love to hear it. Unless it’s from my dad which is  – just stop running.

The good news is I don’t have tonsillitis, my tonsils come out on the 25 November so I’ll never have it again. This means I can train hard and set my sights on endurance running, book in a marathon and plan for that ultra.


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