The week before the 10K

So it’s been a fun filled month of running. I’ve achieved a lot and it’s felt like the old days….amazing! Out running when away for the weekend, late night hill training after visitors have left and running 3-4 times a week. So in July I’ve:

  • gone up to the faster running group at the Pudsey Pacers
  • ran 12 tough miles after a heavy weekend
  • got first female in the Bramley parkrun (must’ve been a slow Saturday!)



  • got a PB for the Woodhouse Moor Lane parkrun last week 24.20



  • had a boss time volunteering at Woodhouse Lane parkrun on Saturday.

And with all that guess what happened……. I ended up with tonsillitis on Monday.

Gutted doesn’t come close to how I’m feeling. I’ve worked hard to gradually increase distance and speed since March. But I’ve got too carried away and pushed myself too far when I’ve been tired this month. I thought I was back to the old me. Fact is I never will be. I have a child on top of my usual very busy life. When she’s not sleeping like this month, I’m not sleeping. Apparently sleep is the key when training. I saw this on Twitter last week, 10 indicators you need a rest day which was quite insightful.

Anyway, I’ve been referred to get my tonsils out now so after Sunday I’m cutting back on the running until they’re out. Once they’re out though, there’s no stopping me!!!

I’m thinking this 10k on Sunday isn’t going to be the fast one I wanted. I’ve lost a week’s training which is nothing but the toll it’s taken on my body is going to take more than a week to get over. We’ll see. I’ll give it my absolute all as it’s the last one until the Abbey Dash in November. Here’s hoping for a sub50 if nothing else.


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