Post Hill madness

So I’m not joking when I say that I’ve just ran up the steepest hill ever. It ended with me climbing on my hands and knees. Post Hill in Pudsey. Here’s a pic and I don’t even think this does it justice.


I was out with the Pudsey Pacers tonight and it was a hill training session. As soon as Andy our coach said he was doing Post Hill the group number went from about 20 to 7.

I’d heard about the infamous hill but never had the chance to see it as it’s in some woods. I fancied a challenge, I’ve just been on a hen do and not had much sleep since – too much to do! So I needed something proper tough to keep me motivated. It was mega!

Not only was the run tough (one time up the hill above, one each side and then a few back home) but we were off road so I got proper stung. Check these bad boys out.

IMG_1528 (2)

Then a lose boxer was hanging around a corner barking like mad. I proper pooped my pants and didn’t know what to do. Luckily the coach had a stand off so I made a run for it. It was a nice little adventure.

I’ve had some ace runs recently. Two weeks ago I was out 6 nights in the week. It was like the old days. Anyway what I realised was that the more I run, the more I want to. It felt so strange not running on that seventh day, running is finally becoming a habit once again. Happy days.


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