10 tough miles

I hit my goal of 10 miles before end of  May. Wahey! Beat it actually, I did 10.4 miles.

It wasn’t just any 10 miles either it was a route I’ve wanted to run since we moved to Pudsey but never had the balls to do it. I took the day off work on Thursday and had it in my head I was going to do that run. So I did. I climbed over 760ft and that climb was continuous for about 2 miles from Roker Lane up to the top of Tong Road.

The last two miles were tough. As with all the routes here you go up and down. It just so happened the last two miles were up some steep hills. I had to stop twice for a few seconds as I thought my thighs would split in two. No lie. At 9 miles they just wouldn’t lift my legs up. That last mile was the most ungracious, painful run I’ve done in well over 3 years. I probably pushed it too far to be honest. The hardest training route I’ve done ever.

Either way it felt good. By the end I was elated. I proper love that sense of pushing yourself to limit and achieving your goal. I reckon I’d love ultras. Maybe one day.

IMG_1272 (2)

Yesterday I did a recovery run (love the fact I’ve ran a distance this week worthy of a recovery run). Interesting article here on the science. I didn’t realise it had to be done in 24 hours but I’ve always valued their importance.

So June is the month of speed. Got to get these times down to a decent pace. 24min 5k is the new goal by end June. Park runs here I come.


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