Running is a mental game

So last week I ran just over 8 miles and it’s the strongest I’ve felt in 18 months. Whoop whoop!

It was the old competitive spirit that kept me going. A work colleague who’s not a runner said he was out for at least 10k on Thursday night. Friday came and I thought if he can do 6 miles I can do 7. So I set out in the evening sun for a  hilly 7 miles.

If you know Pudsey when I say Bankhouse, Troydale, Mount Pleasant, Owlcoates, Occupation Lane you’ll get how hilly it was, if not here’s my Garmin graph.



Now the pace was real slow but I don’t care at the minute I’m all about distance and hills. The first 2 miles I wanted to stop. I need to run 5 miles I think to start enjoying it. Anyway I got to 6 miles and felt ace so I thought I can do 7 here. So I decided to run up Owlcoates and thought you know what I’m going to do 8 and ran up Occupation Lane to go home. It was all mental strength. In my head I pushed myself because I had nothing left in my legs.

It took me back to marathon training when I’d be at 18 miles at 10pm and think I’m going to do 20 because I don’t want to start from 0 again for another 7 days. I’d push myself completely exhausted but it felt ace at the end. Now 8 miles is a long way from 20 but my next run will be 10 miles, then I can easily do 13 and suddenly 18 isn’t so scary. 18 is my mental benchmark to then believe I can do a marathon again. Realistically with a mega busy, tough job and an 18 month old that has at least one party night each week, I’d be chuffed if I get to 18 miles by the autumn.

The good thing is I’m back loving running at the best time of year. Long may it continue.


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