The Road to the York 10k

So it’s been a couple of months since my last post and I’ve had a further three maybe four bouts of tonsillitis. The last time it knocked me for six so I stopped running and went into uber healthly eating mode. Touch wood I’ve been ok since.

I’ve realised that I’d been mega stupid this year, chasing my old times and pushing my body to the limit. Running 8 minute miles for 8 odd miles after broken sleep and a stressful job was just leaving me with white tonsils and a mega fever.

So yesterday I ran just shy of 5 miles, the longest since February and it actually felt good. I’ve hid my Garmin and run based on how I’m feeling. If I’m tired I stop, if I’m strong I carry on and do a few hills. I’ve been trying to focus on my form too as it’s gone to pot a bit.

I obviously didn’t do the Leeds half marathon today. I’m gutted I won’t do one this year but they’ve kindly deferred my place to the York 10k in August. Fingers crossed I’ll get a sub 48 PB – that’s what I’m training for anyway. 6 miles seems rock all but I’ve got to start somewhere. I’m hoping to be up to 8 miles by June them I’ll focus on pace.

Just quickly, food wise I eat well anyway but I’ve got into Deliciously Ella and loads of curly cale, ginger, chilli and garlic. This recipe below is a cracker for an energy boosting snack. I’m trying a few others this weekend so will let you know how they go down.

IMG_0827 (2)

Right I’m off to make some healthy Bluberry muffins now…mmmm