So I’ve done it, my first race since having a baby.

The Dewsbury 10k is renowned for PBs so I put a lot of pressure on myself to beat 48.51. It’s a great route, there and back on the picturesque Bradford Road (!) and a fab atmosphere. A lot of fast runners, loads of running club vests and friendly banter. It was nice to see the Pudsey Pacer crowd…always ahead of course by about 10 mins! Really easy to get there too, you park in the leisure centre so plenty of toilets dotted about in there and it was nice and warm. A short walk to the start line and more loos en route in the market (I need the loo a lot!) The guy that started the race was funny too, always good to hear everyone laughing in the biting wind before the gun goes off. It really was a good run.

My time wasn’t the best 50.17 I kind of lost it on mile 2 and 3 running on a slight incline into the bitter wind. I did a split negative and proud of the 5k back. Always easier on the homeward straight with the wind behind you. So I did 8.10, 8.26, 8.34, 7.54, 7.44, 7.47, 1.44. So should have pushed harder on the way out but there you go.

It’s the first time I’ve never beat a running goal. To be honest I was being a bit over zealous. I was meant to do the Abbey Dash in November but got tonsillitis that weekend for first time ever. Knocked me out for weeks. Then it was winter and the usual illnesses around Christmas and then two weeks ago I got another bout of tonsillitis. Luckily caught this in time so wasn’t ‘alf as bad. So training has been all over the place.

It’s all looking good now though. I’ve moved up to the faster running group at Pudsey Pacers. They were doing like sub 40 mins today so I will get faster with them. Parkruns every Saturday to get that time down to sub 23. I did an 8 miler on Tuesday and the first 5k was 23.05 but I did hurt my calf, thigh and poplitieus(!) so been having work on that this week. Bloody wrecking now.

So the next one will be faster and I’ve signed up to the Leeds half in May so I’ll smash that PB defo!


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