How good are Parkruns?

I’m well on my way training for the abbey dash 10k and furthest distance is 8miles at 8.30 minute mile pace. Although beating my 10k PB and doing a 47min still seems a stretch….I’m still having the odd accident when pushing myself too much! The wonders of childbirth hey.

So I started back doing the parkruns this morning, they’re totes amaze. Mega thanks to all the volunteers it’s such an fab run. I ran past a woman pushing her baby round, must’ve only been a few months old. The time it takes to get you both out the door and doing that for a 5k run at 9 am is mega inspirational.

So I was aiming for sub 24mins but did 24.35 and I’m a bit gutted. But I am a full minute quicker than my last parkrun when marathon training in 2012. Still next week I have to beat 24. A lad in work did a 24min 10k at the end of a triathlon and he’s only got little legs, so I need to blast that next Saturday.


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