Running drills

Competitive moi?

I’ve been out this weekend running in the snow. It’s quite good really, forces you to run with high knees, on the midfoot and with a high cadence so your feet hardly touch the floor. Bloody cold though, had to stop after my final toe stopped working. The beauty of running in the wintery north.

So with my marathon training starting tomorrow it’s time to start the warm ups and the drills to improve form.

Here’s what I’ll be doing and why:

High knees 1: It took me ages to master this.  Standing on one leg, drop the lifted foot slowly to the floor and as soon as your foot hits the floor pull it up quick like you’ve stood on a pin.  When you lift your foot keep it directly under your bum. Repeat 10 times on each leg.

It took me almost an hour to get this right. It’s…

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