Finally reached my running goal

So on the 5 February I started an 8 week beginner’s programme from runners world to get me running for 30 continuous minutes. Sounds easy but when you’ve got a newborn and sleep is hard to get, it’s tough just putting your trainers on!

No excuses anyway I went for it and on Friday I reached my goal!

It’s taken longer than 8 weeks but I’ve had to repeat weeks and take it slow. I’ll be honest, patience isn’t my strongest feature so I’ve found that bit really hard. I’ve had to admit I’m not the runner I used to be…… yet.

So what happened on Friday? I had a good night’s sleep, hearty breakfast of porridge and a poached egg….lovely combined (!) and it was the most beautiful sunny morning. I started out strong and went a hilly route I’ve not yet been as the start is a bit remote. At 2 miles I was desperate for a wee and had reached town so I could’ve stopped but thought no. It’s Good Friday.  What a day to hit your goal. Cheesy eh. Not because I’m comparing my self to Christ and the suffering he went through for our sins, no philosophical shit, just the words ….Good…..Friday. I wanted it to be the best.

In total I did 3.09 miles, split times were 9.23, 10.07 (all up hill), 10.01. I sprinted up our hill at the end at a 5.37 pace.

Now I know the times are poor compared to my easy 25 minute 5ks I used to run but I did it. Now when I go out I know I can run for at least 30 mins. A decent run that, soon I’ll be back at running club.

I’ve always thought, even when marathon training that the first 30 mins is the hardest of them all. You’re not yet into it, form is a bit shaky and you’re not far enough away from home so you have the option to turn back.

The other great thing is that I’m back to my target weight so have lost about 3 stone since December. The last half a stone was the hardest but running has shifted it well quick.

I’ve not dieted, in fact I eat more now than I used to, I’ve just ran. I swear running is the best way to lose weight. People say they can’t do it, it makes them feel sick and I’m sure it’s because they just put trainers on and start running without having realistic goals. I hated running when I did that a few months ago, it was soul destroying.

In my humble opinion you need a plan, stick in on the fridge and go for it. Don’t be afraid to repeat weeks until you feel stronger but do push yourself a little very time you go out. You’ll get there before you know it and then suddenly you’re competing in races and smashing PBS!!

So the next 4 weeks I’m focusing on form and running those 3 miles quicker. Think I’ll reblog some old posts to remind me of how to run well….the dreaded skipping rope is definitely getting dusted off.



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