Lighter nights means more running

I’m thankful for the lighter nights. I forgot how vulnerable you can feel on those dark runs with nobody around. It never used to bother me when I was super fit. I thought I could out run most people. But when your plodding along with not much juice left for sprints it’s very different.

So I had to think of a safe route recently as I’ve been running for longer. I remembered a nice 3 mile route along a busy road that used to take me no time. It’s annoying with all the traffic but it’s better than constantly looking over my shoulder worried I’m going to get jumped. To be fair my sweaty, red, contorted face in the harsh wind and rain should be enough protection from likely murderers etc.

So I’ve been donning my luminous jacket and running on a busy road and it’s been going very well. I’m on the last training week which ends with a full run for 30 minutes. I’ve not been afraid to repeat a week when it’s been particularly tough sleep wise so I’ve taken it steady.

On Wednesday I was so tired I didn’t  do the scheduled 15 minute run, 1 minute rest, 15 minute run. I just ran for a straight 20 minutes. I didn’t even record it on my Garmin, I just ran for pleasure. It was slow as I chose a hilly route but it was nice. Running without stopping was quite novel.

It’s mad to think that the last 2 minutes of my runs this year feel like those last few hundred metres of a marathon. I can barely pick my feet up, my legs feel so heavy. It  takes you so long to get your fitness and hardly anytime to lose it. But you know I’ll get there and be even fitter than I was in 2013…maybe not by the summer but sometime this year.

Once I’ve run 30 minutes continuously, I’m going to start doing the Leeds parkruns (free 5k runs, in parks, all over the UK). They’re great for getting you out running at the weekend and ease you in to racing. I’m dreading my first clocked time though…it can’t be more than 30 minutes or I’ll cry.



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