My friend Garmin

After writing my last blog on the Friday I gave myself a kick. I woke up on Saturday and it was a perfect running day – still, clear with just a slight chill in the air. So no excuses I put on the runners and decided to take my Garmin.

Now it was a 1.5 mile slow plod at 10.20 minute mile pace. My best is 7.30 and I averaged about 8 minute mile so this is mega slow. Now there were two hills to climb but still it was ridiculous.

I couldn’t decide if the Garmin was a help or hindrance at such an early stage of running. On the upside I could track how far (or how little) I’d run and my pace, but I was so slow I thought I’d run a mile when I’d only run half so it was all a bit demotivating.

However I went out again this Saturday and my Garmin was a true friend. I had more energy and being competitive wanted to beat the 10.20 snail pace of last week. Guess what I did. I finished the route averaging 9.38 minute mile. I also ran 1.7 miles so a little further and up more hills.

It was a tough run, with a stop to collect two packages from the post office (got to multi task these days) so my return run was a bit distracting. Who knows without the packages I might have finished sub 9.30?!

Next week I’m going to aim for a more respectable 9 minute mile over 2 miles. The only way I can track this is with the Garmin. So really it’s only a friend if you’re doing well and improving otherwise it can be quite soul destroying.

In February I will do a 8.30 minute mile – I will and I’ll have the stats to prove it!


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