Getting out the door

Well in 10 days I’ve managed 0 runs.


2014 has not been great for running.

You know when your brain wakes up before your body and you have a sort of sleep paralysis? When you get up, your legs feel like jelly? That’s sort of how I feel all day, every day. My legs feel so tired due to  severe lack of sleep.

How did Paula Radcliffe do it? She was running 12 days after birth…wow

What I have been able to do though is walk…briskly, pushing a 14kg pram (plus baby) up some steep Pudsey hills (they are pretty mega). If I can’t run I can walk the distance and to be fair, go further. Somehow that’s helped me shift 5lbs since Christmas and surely improved my fitness?

The other thing I’ve picked up is that if you wear fitted clothes it makes you think about good posture and suck your stomach in. Wallah…it disappears. It’s just a bit embarrassing when you forget and it pops out again but it’s a good incentive to stand correctly. Posture especially a firm core, is essential for running.

So I’m no closer to running a race but I’m definitely more active. *clutching at straws*

Next week will be better.


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