Nuts make you run faster!

I had my best run of the year last night at the Pudsey Pacers. It was a beautiful clear, crisp evening and a group of us went off on a 6.5 hilly run.

It felt great, I was leading the group for once with the front pacer and was easily holding a conversation.  Not that it’s a competition but I’ve got more confident the last two weeks and I proper push to finish in the top three (soon it’ll be first). I was the first female to end the session again but it’s well funny as nobody else but me does a sprint finish. They must think I’m a nutter when I speed past and punch the air at the end!

Anyway last night the hills were hard (always are in Leeds) but I never felt tired. We ended up doing 7.75 miles in the end with a fast finish after a mile long hill…Roker Lane if anyone is local.

I know you get better at running quickly but I swear eating Almonds, Brazils and Cashews two hours before I went out made all the difference.

That is the only change I made this week. I’d had a bad night’s sleep, a long day, eaten no more carbs  than  usual, drank the same amount of water etc. I’ve  noticed improvements after eating seeds and nuts before but not as much as this. It could all be in my head but you know what, I’m always going to eat those bad boys before a session from now on.


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