Improving running form


I’m finding it so hard to get back into running after having a break in December. Seems like it takes months to get good form and weeks to lose it.

Anyway when I started out properly running  my  form was shocking see the photo above from 2011.  A  heel striker that hunched up the whole right side of my body as well as doing something very odd with my right arm, Quasimodoesque…..nice.  It was all to do with years of pain on my right itb apparentlyI also suffered from lower back pain after every run so it wasn’t good.

It’s quite a sight when someone records you on a treadmill.  Try it barefoot and from different angles, it gives you some proper insight.

Once I knew the problems, it didn’t take long to fix. Here are a couple of changes I made that worked.

  • Bought good running shoes as foot movement is so important for form. Personally the less support the better. So after throwing away my orthotics (I have a proper chip on my shoulder about these) I got Brooks pure flow. My back pain stopped instantly and my itb settled down too.
  • Sorted my posture. Relaxed shoulders, contracting the core.  Falling slightly forward when running so I’m not fighting gravity.
  • When running, consciously keeping the raised foot under the bum and making sure my landing foot was directly below my hip. It’s like a figure of four shape when you do this properly. These videos explain better than me

Now these changes didn’t happen over night. I had to do drills for different bits for hours at a time every week. I’ll post them next week. It’s a new year’s resolution to post each week so I definitely will!

One quick one that doesn’t need a video to explain is skipping with a rope. Apparently you can’t have poor running form if you can skip well.  It forces you to have high knees, keep your foot under your bum and land on your mid /fore foot.  It’s great cardio too.  I started running a mile with a skipping rope and it killed me. Works though.


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