What a difference a week makes

So I’ve just got back from the Abbey dash 10k race and got another PB 48.59 my watch actually said 48.51 but I’ll take those 8 seconds as it’s exactly 3 minutes faster than my last 10k.

Funnily enough though, this time last week I couldn’t even run 3 miles without stopping for breath. I gave up after 4 miles, incredibly disappointed.  I’ve had real trouble with fitness since the marathon. Mix of tiredness, cold and jet lag.

So what happened in a week? Running club, the Pudsey Pacers.

If you’re a runner and not yet joined a club you should do. You’ll get faster and have fun, everyone there loves running and it’s a really nice supportive atmosphere. Plus it’s safer this time of year for female runners, especially if you live a bit in the sticks like me it’s not safe pounding the streets in the dark winter nights.

So on Tuesday I braved the cold and went up to the faster group where my husband and arch rival, Simon, is. We did hill training. Ran up about 9 hills in an hour, short and steep (we live in Leeds, it’s very hilly). There is no way on this earth I would put myself through that on my own, why would you? But running club pushes you and the competitiveness comes out because you won’t be beaten by others or the hill.

Another lass called Clarissa, who’s lovely, has moved up a group with me too and she’s mega competitive, always running past me at the last minute so I’ve got my eye on her. Can’t wait to hear her time from today hope she did sub 50 like me.

So after Tuesday I died a bit and went for a run last night as thought I was a mere spectator at the race today and I did a steady 5 miles without stopping. Then randomly my post on Runners World pleading for a spare entry place had been answered and I got a lass’ ticket, Amanda Lockwood. Unfortunately she’d broken her foot.

When she asked me my time goal I said 49 mins but I’m not fit at the min. She looked at me and said, you’ll do it out of dog eared determination. I’d never met her before and I thought, yeah that’s how runners do it…through the mind.

Cheesy as it sounds I looked at myself and said, you’ll do 49 tomorrow, easy. And I did.

Setting goals

I’ve mentioned self belief before, that’s one thing. Goals are the other. Every goal I’ve had for running a race I’ve met. For the marathon and half’s I read about giving yourself 3 goals – one if everything is going really well, one if you get a niggle and another if you’re really screwed…that’s usually just finish it.

Today I just had one goal, no excuses a sub 50 or it wasn’t worth doing. I’m nowhere near as fit as a month ago, I did today purely through my mind. Fascinating really, if you want something hard enough you will get it.

Not that anyone is reading this blog, but if any runners did I’d be interested to know how in a race you turn it up a gear. I can maintain speed and get a little faster but it’s like there’s nothing in my muscles to push loads further. Maybe it’s diet, strength, fitness but any tips would be good.

So running club on Tuesday will be good. I’m one of the slowest now I’ve gone up a group but I’ll make my way up. What’s the point of being top of the sub 55 group each week – where’s the challenge in that?


2 responses to “What a difference a week makes

  1. I just updated my blog about the race! Until the other day the furthest i’d run non stop was 4.5k. At Abbey Dash I ran 9k before stopping.

    • and now you’ve signed up for a marathon! You’ll love it. Make sure you take the next day off as you won’t be able to walk but it’ll feel amazing! Good luck with training

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